by Lydia S '15

Juniors Host Successful #ibBRICK

Junior Council, the fundraising student group for the class of 2015, hosted its very first party on Friday, February 7th. The party was titled #ibBRICK, the word “brick” meaning “cold” in pop culture slang. The word first originated in the 80s and is still used today.

The party went from 6 to 10 in the evening and was held in the BSGE Cafegymatorium. Over 120 students attended the party, coming from BSGE and a variety of other New York City schools.

DJ Sanity, the brother of alumni Christopher (Kritty) Kesoglides who graduated in 2011, provided music for the dance. These songs varied from EDM to Top 40 pop music, to Latin music to dubstep remixes of “What Does the Fox Say?” to 90s hits like The Killers and Sum 41. Overall DJ Sanity and Kritty as MC were the hits of the party.

photo1 (1) photo4 photo3 photo2

Brue Okai, a 7th grader who attended the party commented, “It was a lot of fun! There was a lot of activity. There definitely wasn’t a point in time where you didn’t have anything to do”. He added, describing his crowd surfing at the party, “The many number of times I was thrown into the ceiling was great.”

Ms. Hunter, one of the supervisors for the party, said “It was a very nice lively party. It seemed as if everyone was having a lot of fun.”

The party was for the purpose of raising money for Senior Dues that the rising Seniors need to pay by December and March of next year. These Senior Dues includes the costs of graduation fees, yearbooks, senior sweaters and more.

“I thought the party went really well” says Joleyne Herrera, a representative of Junior Council. She continued, “We raised around $1,000 so it was very successful for not only Junior Council but the entire class of 2015. Everyone seemed to like it, and Junior Council is definitely looking forward to hosting more parties.


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