by Vivian Y '16

Reinventing School Lunch

Eating lunch food from the cafeteria does not have to be limited to how they are served on your tray. Here are some fun ways to spice up your school lunch!

  • Mash up Sun Chips with your fist or a heavy binder until you can feel little crumbs. Put the crumbs between your sandwich for a nice and satisfying crunch.

  • Squirt a lot of salad dressing into a section on your tray as a dip for carrots and cucumbers.

  • Make a “Chip Butty Sandwich,” a type of British sandwich, by taking a pre-wrapped sandwich and removing the contents. Put fries in between and add ketchup.

  • Make a milkshake by taking a milk carton, and then shaking it vigorously until foamy.

  • Make apple juice by taking a very soft apple that is past its prime. Make sure it has bruised spots. Take a plastic cup, and squeeze the apple until it turns into mush and apple juice starts to drizzle out. The mush can be eaten as apple sauce.

  • Alternatively, you can cut an orange in half and squeeze the juice into a plastic cup. Please take out the seeds, if any fall out, before drinking.

  • Remember that hummus is made of chickpeas. Eat the chickpeas really quickly with the carrots, mashing them in your mouth until it forms a chunky sauce, so it almost tastes like a carrot dipped in hummus.

  • You can even have a little dessert side to your lunch by taking sweet plantains and rice. Put plantains on top of rice and pour a little bit of milk to make a sort of mango sticky rice dessert.

Since our school serves pizza almost every day, here are some suggestions for pizza variations.

  • Make a pizza margherita by garnishing a pizza slice with a spinach leaf and tomato slices. Then, sprinkle powdered parmesan cheese, or you can cut open a mozzarella stick and take out its cheese to use on your pizza.

  • Note: if you skip the tomato and the spinach from the above recipe, you will have an extra-cheesy pizza rather than a pizza margherita.

  • Make Hawaiian pizza by taking a fruit cup of pineapple chunks and a ham sandwich. Take the ham out of the sandwich and shred it to bits to put on your pizza. Then, take a napkin to soak the water off your pineapple chunks before scattering them on your pizza. You want to dry off the pineapple chunks because you don’t want a soggy pizza.

  • Cut your pizza in half and put salad in between before sandwiching the two halves together. Tada, a healthier pizza-sandwich. It’s healthier because it has vegetables.

Use your imagination and you won’t ever be bored with the same old school lunch again!


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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