by Moshan G '17

French Club Hosts 2nd Annual Mardi Gras Party

Photo Credit: Simona Matovic

BSGE’s French Club hosted a Mardi Gras party on Friday, March 7 and it was a huge success. The party, the second ever thrown by the French Club, made over $800 with more than 140 students in attendance. Students danced to mostly techno and hip hop music played by dj duo Deuce. The French Club gave out free T-shirts, beaded necklaces, and purple, green and gold glow sticks: traditional Mardi Gras colors. Café Triskell, a local French café donated a King Cake, or Gallette des Rois, a traditional Mardi Gras cake, for the party  Chef Phillipe Fallait, who is the owner of this restaurant and also a BSGE parent, was glad to “share with my son’s school for a good cause.”

The French Club members, who planned and organized the event, wore traditional Mardi Gras eye masks to the party. “The music was good,” said French club members Simona Matovic 17’ & Vanessa Pilatova 17’. “It kind of makes you want to do it again.”

Mr Rajiv, BSGE’s French teacher and advisor to the French club said, “Everyone was amazing. They all helped out and cleaned up after the party.”

Café Triskell is located on 33-04 36th Avenue, Astoria (on the way to the N & Q train).

Photo Credit: Rinni Sutanto

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