by Lydia S '15

Electric Sting Gets Cancelled

Senior Council, a student organization composed of BSGE Seniors with the goal of raising money towards prom, graduation and other expenses, was planning on hosting its second party on Friday, April 4th.

The party was titled “Electric Sting” and sold tickets as $6 in advance and $10 at the door. The party was EDM Music Festival themed, with posters around the schools with big letters blaring “Are you ready to rave?” For the few days the posters were up, BSGE students seemed intrigued by the advertisements and generally interested.

Unfortunately for the Senior Council, the party was cancelled the day before due to a multitude of reasons. The main reason was the issue of having supervisors.

For students who are not familiar with BSGE’s rules for hosting a party, there must always be supervisors (BSGE teachers) at the party to keep watch of the students and to help run things smoothly. But not any teacher can be a supervisor, there must be an “Admin Power” present, which are specially designated teachers who hold this power to watch over students at social and after school events like parties.

Due to an unnamed supervisor cancelling last minute, Seniors had to scramble to come up with a new supervisor which was a major delay for them. Many supervisors were already busy, naturally.

This delayed Seniors for hanging up posters, printing out tickets, selling the tickets, and so forth. By the time everything was set up, many BSGE students were either confused on what the event was, or could not attend because of its late-notice advertisement, which was not the Seniors faults.

Lauren Ouakanine commented on the situation with disappointment. “It’s really a shame that the party wasn’t able to work out. It would have been nice to decrease the price of prom tickets — which is what the ticket sales were going to be put towards.” The soon to be BSGE graduate continued, “We were having a really hard time finding a date in the first place what with the upcoming IB exams and Spring Break.”


Although Seniors college acceptances are piling in, as students can see from the bulletin board in the lobby, there is still a lot of work for them. With IB exams in five subjects that each last around two days, the IB exams don’t officially finish till May 23rd.


By that time, prom tickets should already have been paid for, making April 4th the only decent Friday for the Seniors to host a party.
But rumor has it that BSGE’s Juniors and Seniors plan to combine powers for a party in May, although it is not confirmed. If this occurs, BSGE students will not have to fret about the absence of social events and parties.

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