by Maya J '16

Lady Sting’s “Flapjack Fundraiser” A Success

On Saturday, March 1st, BSGE’s softball team hosted a “Flapjack Fundraiser” at the Applebee’s on 35th avenue. Lady Sting members sold tickets for $10, which included beverages, pancakes, and bacon. From 8 to 10am, softball players seated and served over 200 parents, students and teachers who attended the breakfast. Music, raffles and unlimited coffee made the morning fun for everyone involved.

Perhaps those who enjoyed the breakfast the most were the softball players themselves, who got a taste of waitressing while supporting their team. Captain Lauren Katzenstein ‘14 said, “It was a great way for everyone to meet one another, and for new parents to learn what the Lady Sting softball team is all about.” $1400 was raised in total, money which will go towards new equipment, such as helmets and bat bags, as well as time in the batting cages. “I think that the event was a huge success because we raised a lot of money and found a way to get the families together before the season started,” Katzenstein added. Lady Sting holds a current record of 7-2.



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