by Mr. Lakhaney

Scaffolding Goes Up Around BSGE

ScaffoldingScaffolding went up around the BSGE building in March 2013 so that the landlord could make some much needed repairs. It is no secret that our building has many issues particularly when it rains. The current repairs are focused primarily on dealing with the “water infiltration issue” according to Darnell Murray Jr., BSGE’s handyman. This is the first phase of the project in which workers cut into the exterior of the building in various places to assess the state of the steel beams underneath the surface of the building to see whether any of them need replacing and the extent of the damage done from the chronic leaking. Then they plan to run some tests to figure out how the water is getting into the building. Finally they plan to use these assessments to complete repairs that should stop the water from leaking through the windows and ceiling tiles each time it rains.

A common sight above windows around the building

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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