by Ana M '14

Tips on the College Process

  1. Abandon all reasonable expectations.
  2. Don’t overload on reach schools.
  3. Get your personal statement done early. Go to the summer program if possible.
  4. File all financial aid information on time.
  5. Finish all your supplements by Peter’s deadline.
  6. Don’t apply to too many schools (too many is more than 15); you’ll have more supplements to do and more application fees to pay.
  7. Visit the schools you want to apply to before you actually do (if you can). You may save yourself time and money if you end up not liking it.
  8. Apply for scholarships.
  9. Pay attention and take notes during all the college meetings in the fall. You could end up finding a school that you really like.
  10. Interview for as many schools as possible. It’s a great way to show the school that you’re interested and for the schools to get to know you better.

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