by Camilla K '18

Legal Outreach Summer Law Institute


Eighth graders from BSGE and other schools around the city have been given the opportunity to join the Legal Outreach Summer Law Institute. It is a five week program that encourages students to learn more about law. Not only does it teach kids about law, but it also helps the participants improve their time management, test-taking and writing skills. The program also encourages students to maintain good study habits in order to fully succeed in school. After completing the summer program, students are then able to continue on to the “College Bound” program which goes further in-depth with the topic of law.

Earlier this school year in January, the institute gave a presentation at BSGE about the upcoming program. Representatives gave students an actual case which was already settled in court. Together students had to figure out who was or wasn’t guilty and what the consequences should be for the crime. Disagreements were discussed between the groups and students fought for their chosen side of the case. In the end, students were given the official agreement on the case. They also received pamphlets about the program, and were given the link to the Legal Outreach website to learn more.

Many of the eighth graders applied and received acceptances. Applying requires an application to be filled out and an interview. Students also submitted letters of recommendation from one of their teachers. Later on, students were given the location for where they will attend the program. They were each given one of the following locations: Columbia Law School, New York University Law School, Brooklyn Law School, St. John’s Law School, and Fordham Law School. Students participating are looking forward to the experience. “It’s a very good opportunity to learn about a possible career I want to pursue, and also it provides many essential skills such as learning how to dress professionally. Plus it has a stipend!” Nibras I.’18 said. Kohen R.’ 18 added, “It’s going to be really cool because there are going to be a lot of trips and many different ways to learn a lot about law. I’m extremely excited!” Legal Outreach has a stipend; which is a salary for students who complete the program. There are also trips the students can attend. The program teaches the students and rewards them for learning.

It’s too late to apply this year, but current seventh graders should look into the Legal Outreach Summer Law Institute now if they’re interested to apply for the following summer. It’s a new experience and a great way to spend your break!

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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