by Garett Taub '18 by Luke M '18

Open Mic Night: Poets in the Making

Third Place Winners
Second Place Winner
First Place Winner











Pauline Phan

Zoe  Fisher

Ide Kafexhiu

Kacey Lang

Camilla Khan

Kohen Rahman and Nibras Islam

Stacey Xue



1st: Ide Kafexhiu

2nd: Pauline Phan

3rd: Kohen Rahman and Nibras Islam

BSGE’s second Annual Open Mic Night took place on Tuesday, April 29th from 3:30 to 5:30,  featuring many 7th, 8th and 9th graders from BSGE. Kicking off the party in high spirits, students jumped to the beat of “Jump Around” by House of Pain and “Jump” by Kriss Kross. Subsequently, students took the mic for fun and as finalists, reading creative poems about personal experiences as well observations of poetry and life itself. Next, reliving the memorable Harlem Shake contest, Sahat Mahmud ‘17 dethroned Clement Leveau ‘18, the previous king of the dance. After that, marking the halfway point  of Open Mic Night snacks and drinks were offered to the students.
The second half of the night started off with a rap battle, to which no one was victorious. Mr. Anderson gave anybody the chance to rap to the lyrics of “Jump,” and only one person volunteered. Even though the volunteer was very courageous, he failed to rap the verses correctly. The remaining presenters read their pieces leaving the judges with a hard decision to make. Ms. Clarkson Farrel, the BSGE librarian, said “I was very surprised at the fact that these students were very talented. I wouldn’t have known that a 7th or 8th grader had written these poems. It was very hard to make the final decision and I feel that the winners deserved the prizes.” The finalists were Pauline Phan ‘19, Zoe  Fisher ‘18, Ide Kafexhiu ’19, Kacey Lang ’18, Camilla Khan ’18, Kohen Rahman ‘18 and Nibras Islam ‘18, and lastly, Stacey Xue ‘19. The judges finally made their decisions and the first place winner was Ide Kafexhiu ’19 taking home $50, following Pauline Phan ‘19 winning second place as well as $30, and last but not least stealing  third place were Kohen Rahman ‘18 and Nibras Islam ‘18 splitting $15. Mr. Anderson summed up the night describing that this year’s Open Mic Night, “was a great success and I think everybody enjoyed themselves.”



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