by Mr. Lakhaney

BSGE Alumnus Jolijt Tamanaha Sells Company, has New Start Up

Farmplicity copyBSGE Alumnus and former BACC Rag editor, Joijt Tamanaha recently sold her St. Louis based startup company, Farmplicity, to Sunfarm Food Service in May 2014 for an undisclosed sum.

Ms. Tamanaha (BSGE Class of 2011) created the company as part of an entrepreneurship class at Washington University in St Louis where she is currently a student. The company was created to allow local farmers to sell their produce, fruits, and meats to area restaurants through a simple,

well-designed website. Ms. Tamanaha and her partners took the business from an idea to a fully functioning business that connected more than a hundred farmers and restaurants.

According to Ms. Tamanaha, she and her partners decided to sell the company at this point because “the company could have a much larger impact under someone else’s leadership.” To grow the company, they needed a lot more capital and they also needed to devote themselves to the business full time which none of them were willing to do at this point since.

The most important lesson she learned through these experiences was not to be afraid of being “inexperienced.” She explains, “It’s a mistake to believe that you need to wait until you feel ready to start a company. You’ll Google stuff, find mentors, and take some educated guesses. Also, I highly doubt anyone ever feels truly ready and prepared. That’s why it’s fun.”

ChampioUpon completing the deal, Ms. Tamanaha felt both sadness and excitement. She explains, “I poured so much of my day-to-day life into the company and it’s hard to let go of something you created. But the sadness is eclipsed by the thrill of knowing that Farmplicity has a great chance of having a lasting impact.”

Currently she is on to her next project, a new start up called which is “a social media content generator and optimizer that will increase consumer engagement with your brand” according to the company’s website.

She is also blogging about her experience with this new company at

startorbust copy

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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