by Lydia S '15 by Moshan G '17

The Buzz: What are BSGE students doing this summer?

Joleyne Herrera: To find a job, because I’m broke. Lol.


Olivia Witting’ 14: I’m planning to work at this theater in New Hampshire. I’m going to be assistant to the director, running shows, sitting during rehearsals, building scenery, making costumes and stuff. I’ve also been doing that for the last 6 years. I am also going to go to Stanford in September and my parents are moving to L.A so I have to help them move. We’re going to drive across the country, get them set up, and afterwards I’m going to San Francisco. Then I need move into my dorm and get ready for college!


Anthony Mendieta’ 16: SAT prep, classes at the MOMA, tennis, and then possibly going on vacation with the family, maybe to Mexico, Boston, or Virginia. Florida is also an option, and I might go to Canada again.

photo 1

Rummana Amrin 17’: Over the summer, I’m doing an internship at a law firm where I’ll able to meet lawyers and professionals. There are different law firms, such as corporate law firms, or criminal law firms. So I will basically rotate around these firms each week for five weeks. It’s five days a week. After the program ends, I’m going to spend time with my family, go on picnics, and maybe go to New Jersey to meet my aunt and uncle.

photo 2

Alexandra Ramos 17’: Basically during the summer I’m hopefully getting an internship at a law firm. So I’ll be doing that for a majority of my summer and then I’ll be dedicating the rest of my time to planning my personal project for 10th grade.




By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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