by Lydia S '15

BSGE’s Boys Soccer Team Beats Van Buren 3-0

On Saturday, September 13th, the BSGE Boys soccer team claimed victory against Martin Van Buren High School’s team with a score of 3-0. It was the first scrimmage of the year for BSGE’s team, with players’ nerves running high with excitement.

The game was split into two forty-minute parts, with BSGE Senior Ilan Wiernik ’15 making two goals in the first half and hitting the goal post twice. In the second half of the game, BSGE Junior Matteo D’Alessandro ’16 scored a goal as well. The entire team, consisting of fifteen players, was all accredited to making excellent passes, with a certain BSGE Senior, Ian Ryding ’15, making three assists.


Club captain of the team, Steven Becker ’15, shared a few words on his thoughts about the game. “I knew our team was very strong and full of skillful individuals, but after seeing how we performed in the scrimmage on a full sized pitch, I have very high hopes for us this season,” he said. Becker added, “We all have things to work on, but we are in a great place right now and will only get better as we continue to practice.”

The team began practicing in late August, and now continues to practice on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Juniper Valley Park. Players are supervised and helped by three coaches: BSGE Spanish teacher Mr. Freddy Giraldo, father of Sophomore Christian Trotti ’16, Joe Trotti, and another father of a student, John Ryding.

Mr. Ryding spoke about the win with great pride. He explained, “It was a terrific team performance, especially considering this was the first time the lads had played together.” Mr. Ryding continued, “What was more impressive than the result was the organized way in which the team moved the ball around the field.”

The victory served as redemption for BSGE, who had lost to Martin Van Buren High School, 5-1, only three years earlier. Unlike BSGE’s team, which is in the developmental league, Van Buren is an actual established team that also has their own soccer field on their school grounds.

Although the current boys soccer team is unnamed, the team is deciding between “Warhawks” and “Bee’s Knees”, playing on BSGE’s school mascot of the bee. Help out the boys’ soccer team and leave a comment giving your vote!


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