by Amit S '20

Funny Teachers and Kind Seniors – Thoughts from the 7th Grade

What is it like to be a 7th grader in BSGE? How has your transition been to BSGE?

Daniel: It feels very great to be a 7th grader at BSGE. I feel very good about the switch for many reasons. I feel that for one, the environment is a lot better than it was in my old school. Everyone here is  a lot nicer than the people in my old school. Another reason I feel comfortable about this switch  is because the work here will give me a challenge, which is a really nice change from my old school.

What is the best thing about BSGE? The worst? 

Daniel: So far, the one thing that I found best at BSGE is how nice the environment is. Everyone here is kind and supportive. The worst thing so far is that I have been feeling a lot of pressure with all the work and tests.

Do you think you feel adjusted into the BSGE environment? What do you think that can be changed about BSGE to make it a better school?

Murtaza: I think i feel adjusted into the BSGE environment since I can manage time better. I think that would make BSGE a better school is allowing students to use cell phones during lunch. But the thing is, that doesn’t really affect the learning process here at BSGE.

How do you feel about the teachers in BSGE? Are they better or worse than your old teachers? Why?

Elio: The teachers at BSGE are pretty cool. They are kind and help me learn much better than my old teachers. They help me when I struggle with something and they are just funny in general.

How have you adjusted to a school that goes till 12th grade? 

Elio: Yeah, a lot of things have changed because the school goes up to 12th grade. There’s a wider range of students that differentiate in age. But, most 12th graders are actually much kinder than I thought they would be. The environment in this school makes you feel better about yourself.

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