The Bacc Rag’s First Ever Photo Column!

This year, the Bacc Rag would like to encourage students to show off their creativity. We are starting a photo column in which BSGE students may post their own photos, and if selected,  these photos will be featured on our website and print newspaper. A Google Drive document has been shared to all BSGE emails, allowing students to paste their photos on the document itself. One can also e-mail if they would like to keep these submissions private.

These photos can range from humorous, artsy, journalistic to whatever! However we advise students to keep images appropriate. And please, don’t post pictures you find interesting on the internet! We want photos that you took!  One of our Bacc Rag members will be in charge of reviewing and selecting the photographs for the paper. A photo submission must be included with the name of the photographer and his/her graduation year.  Please review the format below.



Name, Graduating Year:



Yue Zhuo ‘19


Have fun and be creative! We are excited to see what BSGE has to show.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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