Steve G '18

Small School: Good or Bad?

Everyone knows that the school that BSGE is a very small school, which has its pros and cons. A lot of people want a bigger school so that they can have an auditorium, a gym, and other school facilities instead of having a cafeteria, gymnasium, and an auditorium combined into one. Students have mixed reviews on attending a small school as this one.

When asked about the problems of having a small school, Eamon Kelsall 18′ answered, “The tight spaces in the hallways. It is hard to move around with all the kids in the hallway at once. There are points at which I couldn’t even move in the hallway.”

Eamon also added, “Classes should be released by grade so that it is easier to maneuver in the hallways.”

Although some students might think that having a small school is a bad thing, others disagree. Yousef El Emary 18’ is one of these students who prefers having a small school. The ninth grader said that in an school like BSGE, the student body “becomes a very intimate family.” He explains that having a small school helps students get to know classmates, in the same and different grades, on a deeper level. Yousef also said that it improves the overall chemistry of the school.

Despite the varying opinions on the school size, not many students regret staying in BSGE. These students do not regret their decision mostly because small school sizes prevents people from being truly alone or “outsiders”. It is difficult to not make friends when students are forced to talk to one another in such a small student body. Although many people want to make BSGE a bigger school, overall it does not seem necessary. 


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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