by Abdullah S '20

BSGE’s Parent Coordinator Has Her Own Advisory

Until recently, Margaret Pasach’s only job was parent coordinator of BSGE . But this year she has also taken up the job of having her own advisory. She is the first parent coordinator to be assigned her own advisory, additionally a 12th grade advisory which is not an easy task.

When asked about why Ms. Pasach has her own advisory, she explained that the previous 12th grade advisor was no longer available, so the position was given to her. Ms. Pasach added, “I didn’t ask for it, necessarily, but at the same time I am really happy to be doing it. Because I enjoy getting to know the students.”

From her experience as parent coordinator, she is already accustomed to clarifying concepts and BSGE programs to parents and students. She says she enjoys helping students and parents alike because it is what both her roles demand of her, as parent coordinator and advisor.

Furthermore having worked with her daughter on college applications, already Ms. Pasach has some experience. This helps her give advice to the 12th grade students in her advisory who are now going through the process of applying to colleges.

Ms. Pasach believes that she was given a 12th grade class specifically because a lot of the other grades such as the 10th and 11th grades have state exams to accomplish by the end of the school year, whereas the 12th grade no longer has any Regents or State exams – only IB exams. She says that “someone who has not been an advisor before may find it harder to work with these students,” so she is happy to be working with Seniors.

When asked about the transition from parent coordinator to advisor, Ms. Pasach explained that she is actually “used to being in a classroom, but with elementary students.” She says the major change that Ms. Pasach is trying to get used to, is thinking she “like them [young adults/Seniors]”.

Answering the question of whether she prefers being an advisor or parent coordinator, Ms. Pasach noted, “Well..advisory is only 35 minutes long…” However she then said that “she likes both jobs,” and does not prefer either over the other. In both jobs, she explained that she gets to “understand” people better. Ms. Pasach says that she enjoys being “directly involved with kids.”

Margaret Pasach having her own advisory is one of the many changes that have occurred in this new school year, but it seems that this change is definitely a positive one.

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