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Junior Council Aims to Make Prom Tickets Free

On Friday, September 19th, 2014, BSGE students from the graduating class of 2016 gathered in Room 300 for the first meeting of Junior Council – a student group with the aim to raise money to lower the cost of prom tickets. The group meets each Friday of the month, excluding extended holiday weekends. Each meeting will run from 2:20 to 3:30 pm and are supervised by Ms. Hunter, the 11th grade Math teacher.

Prior to the first meeting, Angelica and Beatriz B. ’16 created a Facebook page for students who are interested in finding out more information about Junior Council. Along with the official Facebook page, e-mails and phone numbers are ways that the Junior Council has been proactively keeping in touch with each member. Students who are not in Junior Council but would like to be updated on upcoming fundraising events and possibly contribute to future bake sales are invited to join the mailing list by contacting a council member.


Although there were already around twenty people at the first Junior Council meeting, there are also students who plan on joining later in the year, such as students in the soccer club who plan to join after their sports season is over. Gathering a balanced representation of opinions for Junior Council would help in making decisions that would affect the entire grade.

“At first, I thought we didn’t need that many people in Junior Council, but now I think that the more people we have participating in the council, the more money we would be able to raise,” said Ms. Hunter. Getting the school involved is an important way for Junior Council to raise as much money as possible.

When brainstorming fundraiser ideas, bake sales were an obvious contender, but council members also considering yard sales. To get a better idea of how the raised money would be divided, there was a discussion on how many people actually wanted to attend prom. “The objective is to raise so much money that prom tickets can be free,” said Ms. Hunter.

And it might just be possible. The Junior Council’s first ever bake sale was a great success. People were constantly spreading the word that there was a bake sale during lunch. “So many people chipped in,” exclaimed Ms. Hunter. The usual convenience store soda and chips were skirted in favor of homemade, interesting, and diverse food. There were samosas (a type of fried Indian pastry), Chinese dumplings alongside Polish dumplings called Perogies, and homemade cake pops, cookies, and cupcakes that were not from an Entenmann’s box.

One student who attended the bake sale commented on how well-priced the food was. “A lot of things were only one dollar and usually bake sales have things that cost like a dollar twenty-five. That’s a hassle. Sometimes I don’t have change for that extra quarter.” Unlike past BSGE bake sales, Junior Council did not have to inflate its prices with the odd quarter to raise more money. Their first bake sale was such a success that close to three hundred dollars was raised.

Ms. Hunter remains optimistic that the Junior Council will continue working hard to raise money. Their next bake sale will be on Halloween during 3rd and 4th period.