by Faiza T '19

BSGE’s Recent Cellphone Crackdown

As each school year passes, restrictions on technology use in school become more and more strict. According to Virge Ramos, BSGE’s Community Advisor, the limits on the usage of cellphones, iPods, headphones, earphones, etc does not depend on the school itself but rather the New York City chancellor. In an age in which people cannot survive without checking their cellphones every few minutes, many BSGE students feel that not being able to use devices during lunch is annoying and unfair. They also believe that this serious cellphone crackdown, the rule of having no cellphones or headphones in sight, does not make any sense.

According to Dilawar Khan’17, “not being able to use our phones during lunch is messed up.” Khan adds, “But having the rule changed for this year is what sucks the most.” However according to the city guidelines, teachers and staff members are allowed to have their phones out in case of an emergency. (Although that’s not always the case.)

Devices like e-readers and tablets used to read aren’t technically banned, but are not permitted if they have a camera. According to Virge, having an electronic device isn’t allowed because students were complaining they were being photographed and videotaped without consent. Overall, it is not BSGE’s decision to have such strict technology restrictions, so students should stop wasting their time trying to blame it on BSGE.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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