Emma K' 18

BSGE’s Version of School Spirit

As we all know, BSGE contains a lack of school spirit. Some of us don’t even know what the school colors are (they’re blue and white, by the way). Many of us do care about this and think that it does negatively affects our attitudes towards school.

According to studies, school spirit creates a positive relationship between teachers and students. Positive school spirit creates an overall sense of well being throughout the school community as well. It has even been proven to increase motivation to do better in school. Children that inhabited schools with a great sense of school spirit had a greater sense of belonging than those who did not. It also demonstrates pride within and outside the school. School spirit can be demonstrated through school apparel, school colors, or even just having traditions that are practiced.

So is school spirit really that vital to BSGE students? Despite the statistics, some people are very unconcerned about our lack of spirit. Kai S. ’19 commented, “I really don’t mind that our school had a lack of school spirit as long as I get my education!”

Other students feel that school spirit is something BSGE really needs to improve on. Stephie I. ’18 offered her ideas on ways BSGE could encourage school spirit. “I think that we should make a BSGE cheer squad!” Stephie explained, “It would be a good way to encourage our teams to win and overall make us peppier!” She also added, “We could sell our own apparel with the school name and logo on it since that has not really been available to us. Through that, we can represent our school inside and out!”

However, some of the older students think that BSGE’s level of spirit is sufficient. Francesca T. 15′ said, “The more time you spend in BSGE, the closer people get to each other. For example during a recent boy’s soccer game, a lot of the Seniors came prepared to support the team. Also the struggle of IB really brings people in the school together and forces us to have school spirit.”

It seems that although BSGE does not have the stereotypical school spirit found in other high schools with massive sports teams, cheer squads and pep rallies, students find their own version of school spirit by creating closer relationships with their classmates and teachers. It is BSGE’s tight knit community that serves as the greatest form of school spirit.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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