by Maya J '16

BSGE Scaffolding Comes Down

BSGE after the scaffolding was removed last week
BSGE after the scaffolding was removed last week

Students arriving at school on Monday, October 20th were surprised and happy to find that the scaffolding around BSGE’s exterior had been removed after months of construction. It had been erected earlier this year in May, in order to allow construction workers to fix water leakage problems deep inside the building’s walls. BSGE had been showing signs of water damage for months, if not years, before construction began. Even inside classrooms, paint near windows peeled away to reveal walls and ceilings damaged by rain leaking into the building.

The construction workers had a lot of work to do, starting with the very exterior of the building. “The stucco was bad,” Darnell Murray Jr., BSGE’s custodian, explained. Beneath this outer layer, there were serious water problems reaching deep into the entire structure. Once these issues had been addressed and the repair complete, the building was then painted. However, the work is not complete yet. The building exterior is clearly not fully painted, but “everything above the first floor is done,” which means that no scaffolding will be required to finish the job.

BSGE last May, when the scaffolding was first put up
BSGE last May, when the scaffolding was first put up

So far, the construction done on the building has paid off. “We’ve had a lot of rain this year, and so far, no problems,” Darnell said. Despite the work that needs to be done, there are already visible improvements inside the building. The damage in classrooms on walls and ceilings has been fixed and painted over. Students are happy about the construction and the removal of the scaffolding. During the months of construction late last year and early this year, construction workers walking by outside the windows were a common sight during class. With the scaffolding down, the light in classrooms is a lot brighter, and the sidewalk outside the school is exposed to the sunlight for the first time in months.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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