by Mr. Lakhaney

New Boys Soccer Team Finishes 7-1-2

DSC_0103The newly established BSGE Boys soccer team finished its inaugural season with 7 wins, 1 loss, and 2 ties. Though BSGE’s team was far less experienced than its opponents’ more established teams, BSGE outscored its opponents 49-9 over the course of the season.

Because this was the first season playing PSAL soccer, BSGE was considered a developmental team which meant that the team played a full schedule against other schools but did not qualify for the playoffs regardless of its record. In order to move past developmental status, PSAL looks to see that BSGE “participates in all games, has proper equipment, dedication, and strong interest from the school community” according to Virge Ramos and all indications are that BSGE met those criteria and should be promoted next year to a playoff division.

The inability to participate in the playoffs this year, however, was a source of frustration for many on the team. BSGE’s record would have qualified them for the playoffs and BSGE beat many teams that made it to the post season. Emir Omeragic ’15 commented that this was a great season and it was nice to finally have a team but it was “disappointing that there wasn’t any playoffs. I feel like we could have done well.” BSGE defeated RFK High School 6-1 in its final game andRFK went on to make it to the B division final.

DSC_0931What made the season bitter sweet for some of the kids was that their first season on the team was also their senior year of high school. Six of this year’s starters are graduating seniors who will not get a chance to go to the playoffs and who will be hard to replace on next year’s team but there are many enthusiastic kids ready to continue playing.

There have been efforts to start a boys soccer team for years but it took a long time to get all the proper paper work filled out and to manage the PSAL bureaucracy.

Balancing the demands of school along with those of the soccer team were difficult. Mr. Giraldo commented, “the students were very responsible. Practices involved a lot of time. We played from 4:30-6:30 and sometimes to 7:00 or 730. After that they have to be responsible to then go home and do their homework.”

One effect the soccer team had was bringing people from the BSGE community together. Goalie Jeffrey Lin ’16 commented, “I really liked how the team was a family. Not like other team I’ve played on where people weren’t as kind or nice.” The games were also were well attended by BSGE students, family, and staff even though many of the games were far away from the school. Joseph Kates ’15 who attended several games commented, “the games were surprisingly fun to watch.” Luca Cognata ’16 said one of fondest memories he had of this season was “the last game with all the teachers there.”

The team is coached by BSGE parent John Ryding with the help with parent Joseph Trotti and BSGE Spanish teacher Freddy Giraldo who will hopefully all be on to coach again next season.


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