by Lydia S '15

Fundraising at the Fall ’14 Parent Teacher Conferences

On Thursday, November 20th from 5 – 8 p.m and Friday, November 21st from 12 – 3 p.m, BSGE hosted its bi-annual Parent Teacher Conferences. The conferences, which are held once in the fall and once in the spring, are designed so that parents can discuss their child’s grades with teachers and gain a better overall understanding of how their child is performing and how he or she can improve. However, this year it seems that students – specifically juniors and seniors – viewed the conference as a chance to haggle parents for their money. On both days of the conference, members of the Junior Council sold raffle tickets for $2 to raise money to lower the cost of prom. Items in the twelve separate raffle baskets included movie tickets, chocolates, mugs, a lamp, and more with an approximate value of $50-$70 for each individual basket. These items were donated and bought by the parents of juniors and Ms. Hunter, the Council’s supervisor. Ultimately, the Junior Council’s raffle ticket sales made $964, making the event a huge success.

Photo Credits: Angelica Benares ’16

Angelica Benares ’16, a member of the Junior Council commented on the raffle’s favorable outcome. “Word on the street was that certain faculty members were doubting the success of our raffle. When I found out we made $964 I was happy not only because we made a lot of money, but also because we proved them wrong.” Meanwhile seniors, who raised money for their own prom, gave out flyers for their fundraising event “BSGE’s Night Out” in which parents, students, teachers and alumni were invited to dine at Sidetracks Restaurant & Lounge in Sunnyside and Cheeburger Cheeburger in Forest Hills on Friday, November 21st. If participants brought the said flyers to their waiter, the Senior Council would receive 15% of the profits. The Class of 2015 also found success in their fundraising efforts, reaching a new total of $4,222. A Senior Council member, Joleyne Herrera ’15, spoke about her feelings on BSGE’s Night Out. “This was the very first time a BSGE student council had hosted a type of event like this, in which we encourage people to just go out to eat and bring flyers. So I think it was a big accomplishment that we even made profit considering how new we were to this.”

Photo Credits: Briana Spariosu '15
Photo Credits: Briana Spariosu ’15

She continued, “However, BSGE’s Night Out was not just about the money. It was a really great way to spread our school’s sense of community and to just have a good time.” Overall, Parent Teacher Conferences have become crucial for Juniors and Seniors when it comes to raising funds, especially now that school dances are no longer an option. Until the Spring Conference, Juniors and Seniors will be thinking of new ways to fundraise.

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