by Justin H '17

Making Money: The DECA Buisness Club


Every year at BSGE, there are many new clubs, and this year is no exception. One such club is the DECA business club, which is a nationwide program that BSGE is trying to register as a high school chapter for. The point of DECA is to raise money for the school thorough various school-based enterprises (SBEs). In our case, the DECA club is trying to join the larger DECA community by creating a school store, which would sell things like food, school supplies, and school spirit products such as shirts and sweaters with the BSGE logo. In addition, they are planning to create their own website, and are offering to be hired by other clubs for services such as designing posters to advertise. The club plans to raise $2,000 or more by June. Although Ms. Johnson’s approval is needed for almost anything they plan to do, such approval will not be difficult to get.

The mission statement of the BSGE DECA club is “The BSGE SBE will raise funds for BSGE through acting as a distributor and service provider for a BSGE affiliated audience.” They meet on Wednesdays immediately after school in room 400. The club was started and is led by Carolyn Wang ’16, though it contains members of many different grades, with a total of 24 students. Some school DECA groups compete with others, but ours does not plan on doing that. The reason for this is that most of the schools that do compete have a business course, while currently BSGE has no such thing. Most students who are in the club would like a course like that, however. For instance, Angelica Benares ’16 said she really likes the business atmosphere and is “really interested in creating a successful SBE.” Perhaps in future years a business teacher can be found, but it is unlikely that it will happen anytime soon.

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