by Mr. Lakhaney

Class of 2014 Receives Record 40 IB Diplomas

BSGE’s class of 2014 received a school record 40 IB diplomas. Of the 63 students who graduated in 2014, 56 completed all of the IB requirements and 40 received enough points to earn the IB diploma. 2014’s class also had the highest percentage of graduating seniors receive the diploma in BSGE’s history (see table below).

Ms. Jennifer Dikes, IB coordinator and 12th grade history teacher, commented that it was “sheer awesome that they did so well. I’m really proud of them.”

Ms. Dikes added that what differentiated this group of students from past groups was their attitudes toward attaining the IB Diploma. “Almost all of the students understood that that’s what they’re supposed to do in this school. In the past not everyone bought into that.”

In addition to student attitudes and efforts, Ms. Dikes praised the work of the teachers at BSGE in helping students achieve the IB Diploma. “What we’ve gained by having done this so long is that teachers can present  the material in a way that helps kids do the work.”

In order to receive the IB Diploma, a candidate must have met the various IB requirements. All students must complete a total of 150 hours of Creativity, Action, and Service. There are also several Internal Assessments (graded by BSGE teachers) that must be completed in order to sit for the specific IB exams for each class. Along with these prerequisites, students must also meet certain point distribution requirements on their IB exams and complete the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge Essay.

Below is a table of past performance of BSGE senior classes attaining the IB Diploma

Graduating Year # of Seniors Seniors Registered for IB Exams Seniors who Completed all IB Requirements Diplomas Awarded % of those registered who received the IB Diploma % of graduating seniors who received the IB Diploma
2014 63 58 56 40 69 63
2013 52 44 44 30 68 58
2012 60 37 36 24 65 40
2011 64 55 53 36 65 56
2010 71 59 47 29 49 41
2009 65 46 44 23 50 35
2008 55 42 39 18 43 33
2007 50 43 33 8 19 16

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