by Allen W '20

The Issue of Bullying Within BSGE

We should all know that bullying is in fact a problem in our society, and it is even more evident in places with greater amounts of people living there. Bullying affects many things in one’s everyday life, so it is especially important to have bullying under control. Not only are you subject to physical bullying, but also you are mental and emotional bullying.

A lot of people may or may not have experienced bullying directly, however it is a very important issue. Interestingly enough, a recent study came out to show that nearly one in every five kids in New York City public high-schools has been a victim of bullying. As surprising as that may sound, the problem of bullying does not seem to be too widespread in BSGE. Or is it?

As agreed by most sources, bullying can be classified as unwanted, aggressive, repeated behavior among people. These interactions usually involve power imbalance. This may seem as a rare sighting in BSGE, however many times, victims of bullying will stay silent because of their feeling of isolation and helplessness.


Some students feel like as if there isn’t anything extensive and ongoing in terms of bullying between BSGE students, therefore making bullying a minor issue. Alexis F. ’19 commented that she “definitely thinks that people [in BSGE] get in arguments, in real life and on social media, however nobody is silly enough to bully others,” and that “Yes, I’ll get into conflicts once in a while, but you can’t call that bullying.”

On the other hand, some students do believe that there are cases of bullying, and that others are just ignorant of it. Another BSGE student who wanted to remain anonymous throughout the interview defined bullying as “when a person uses their power upon someone to harm or intimidate those who are weaker, whether it be physically or verbally.” She added, “I think that there is [bullying] because with my own and the dictionary’s definition of bullying, there are a lot of examples within BSGE.”

The anonymous student continued, “In my grade and probably every other grade in BSGE, people talk about others behind their backs and that makes the person have a bad reputation around the grade and even the school, which I believe is a form of bullying. It kind of sucks, actually, not knowing if your ‘friend’ is really your friend.”

This student then explained that “I’ve seen so many forms of bullying and friendships being broken just because a person decides one day to dislike their friend, and it’s kind of sad.”

Both students agreed that the correct way to deal with these situations is to leave it alone, and tell an adult about it as soon as possible, no matter how largely you see bullying as an issue.

Furthermore, if you bring this into the eyes of an administrator, the concept and ideas derived from bullying are pretty similar. BSGE’s guidance counselor, Mr. Timothy David-Lang, stated that “I do think that there is bullying, which is often just comes from the kind of relationships people have with each other in general and the certain circumstances they face.”

He then added that within BSGE, the adults “create an environment where students can really talk to adults about what’s going on, not just academically, but personally.” Mr. David-Lang added, “Since a school should be a place where children feel safe, and adults are looking out for children, kids and adults should be expected to relate to each other as people.” He also advises victims of bullying to seek help from teachers and counselors, if need be.

Overall, bullying is a big issue in many schools worldwide, so it is important that we keep it away from the BSGE community as much as possible.

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