by Samantha V '18

Helping Hands: Canned Food Drive

From December 9th, 2014, to January 28th, 2015, Helping Hands will be having their annual Canned Food Drive. This year, for the very first time, both the Domestic Violence Committee and the NYC Poverty Committee are combining their efforts to collect cans for the NYC Food Bank. The NYC Food Bank provides food not only for families who can’t afford to buy food, but for domestic violence shelters, too. Many different items can be donated to help support the Canned Food Drive: water, proteins, cereal, crackers, etc. Items can be donated as long as they aren’t expired or opened, or in a soft case, plastic bag, or glass container. To see the full list of items that you could donate, just consult any Helping Hands member or check out the fliers around the entire building. After the drive is over, the number of cans that each advisory donated will be counted and the advisory that donated the largest number of cans will win a pizza party.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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