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BSGE Basketball Team: New Season, New Team

The BSGE boys basketball team has started this season 2-4. Its two wins already match its win total from all of last year making it the most successful season the team has had.

Mr. Anderson, the boys basketball coach,  seems very pleased with what he has seen so far and is optimistic about this year’s roster. He said “I think we have a lot of depth. We have a lot of players that understand the game and what to do.” The current BSGE basketball team now fields 16 players, of whom 10 are seniors, which explains why the team is stronger this year.

Mr. Anderson has already seen the strengths of the team during the practices held so far. As Mr. Anderson says “Although we are a small team, I think that we are really quick. I think we have a lot of kids that are placed and know what to do. We have a good sense what a team should be like and we have a good team chemistry.” Since most of the players are experienced seniors, they already work well together and have a good base for building team skills.

While the team has strengths, it needs to get better in many aspects. Mr. Anderson has noticed flaws already, and notes that team needs need to address these. Regarding the lack of consistency, he said, “I think we have to be consistent with effort and the strategies we make.” This has certainly been true of our past record, which has seen the performances of the players vary.

The team has had blowout games and close games. We have to try to make sure that we have the same level of play or be even better. If we don’t stay consistent, it’s hard to establish a predictable winning profile. Also, the while the ten seniors have a lot of experience on playing ball, it raises the questions of the roster for next year. After this year, those ten experienced players will leave a larger gap to fill. The team next year will have to fall back mostly on new players who have yet to establish good team skills and will need to learn Mr. Anderson’s plays.

As for basketball plans, there are not going to be any major changes from previous years.

Mr. Anderson pointed out that it’s also about allowing kids to develop as individuals, and having other sides to school besides being a classroom learner. For instance, the team also learn how to solve problems on the basketball court. He sees his role as a coach to help the students in any way possible, while also training them to become better athletes, both individually and as a team.

He said, “If we have a small team, we have to run more and if we’re a big team, we got to post more. So every year, its always changing.” This is the main reason why the basketball team’s strategy changes every year, because it depends on the students. This year, as we have a small team, we try to outrun our opponents. The team also can stay in the perimeter, but it’s not a good idea to post up because the team doesn’t have the size and physicality.

Mr. Anderson is very confident with this year’s basketball team, and BSGE should be too. He thinks this year can be different from other years. When asked about how many games we can win this year, he replies “I think we can win every game. I mean I really don’t believe that we can’t win any game until we don’t win the game.” Mr. Anderson is very optimistic about this season, and hopefully we will win more games than the past years.

It is still early to tell what our season will look like but it is a pretty decent start. We can look forward to an exciting season if we work harder and stay consistent.

So far, we had six games, of which BSGE has won two. A loss to Metropolitan Campus (78-31), a loss to Robert F. Wagner by (35-47). A win against Information Technology (84-71) and a win at Frank Sinatra (61-42). We then lost against Academy of American Studies by 6 points (43-49).

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