by Samantha V '18

A Stress-Free Guide to Christmas Presents

It’s that time of year again. Every store and house is covered in Christmas lights and the smell of Christmas trees fills the air. The majority of BSGE students cannot wait to get a break from the schoolwork, but just because we aren’t stressing over homework doesn’t mean we aren’t stressing at all. Christmas means spending time with family, celebrating and relaxing, but it also means buying presents. Many kids stress over what to get their friends. Some people forget  to even buy presents for some of their friends. Luckily, you have this article. This article is jam-packed with bunches of ideas for presents based on what kind of a person you are exchanging gifts with.

First up, we have the photo geeks. Recently, taking artsy photos and taking pictures that are Instagram-worthy has been very popular. Pretty much anyone can call themselves a photographer if they have a smartphone, but there are actually people out there who want to be professional photographers. Many people also have photography as their main hobby.

If your friend is a photo geek, then two gifts to consider are Jelly Lenses, and the Photo FX Kit. Jelly Lenses are super fun and are perfect for the on-the-go iPhone photographer. Jelly Lenses are little lens that you can easily attach to your iPhone camera to give your pictures a fun filter. To attach A Jelly Lens to your iPhone camera, just stick it on to the camera lens with the built in re-usable gummy ring adhesive. Each Jelly Lens is about $8. There are 12 different types of Jelly Lenses, giving you a wide variety to choose from.

If your friend uses a regular camera more than their iPhone camera, then you should consider getting them the Photo FX Kit. Buying presents for your photo geek best friend is hard, but with this kit, it’s as easy as taking a selfie. This kit contains the perfect tools for an experimental photographer, such as colored flour, glass prisms, and LED lights. This kit is a bit more on the expensive side, costing $25, but it is definitely worth it if your friend’s true passion is photography.

The next category is the fangirls and boys. Fandom followers of bands and singers definitely want band/singer merchandise. The best gift ideas include getting them a t-shirt, rubber bracelet, or any band merchandise that you can find. Sometimes band merchandise can get a bit pricey, but if you’re lucky, you could even get your friend tickets to see their favorite band/singer. Bands that aren’t that famous yet usually have really cheap tickets that range around $20-$30.

If your friend fangirls more over TV Shows, then the best place to go is Hot Topic. Hot Topic has lots of merchandise for all the new popular shows such as Supernatural, Doctor Who, and yes, My Little Pony. Merchandise at Hot Topic includes posters, shirts, jewelry, and pins.

Last, but not least, are the YouTube fangirls. Many different YouTubers have become extremely famous this year. Lots of YouTubers have their own online stores, so getting merchandise related to them isn’t that hard. Lots of the stores are having sales or are giving away discounts because of the holiday season, so right now might be the best time to buy that merchandise!

The third type of person is the hipster. The hipster always wants the trending items that everyone has, but why not get them something that’s trending, yet unique? Two really good gift ideas are the hashtag necklace and the Instagram necklace. These necklaces are laser-cut acrylics of common hashtags such as #selfie and #nofilter. They also have the little Instagram “like” notification box- on a necklace!

The next idea is the Lokai Bracelet. The Lokai Bracelet is a bracelet infused with mud from the Dead Sea and water from Mount Everest. Why are these places significant? Because the Dead Sea and Mount Everest are the highest and lowest points on Earth. The Lokai Bracelet is a really simple yet unique bracelet that anyone would enjoy. At $18, the Lokai Bracelet is a fairly good gift and its something that can be very meaningful to your friend.

Another really cute trendy gift option is the ombre nail polish set. Currently only $4.20 on, the ombre nail polish set contains five bottles of nail polish, each a shade lighter or darker than the one before it. Using this set, your friend could get the perfect ombre manicure and pedicure to match their billions of other ombre accessories.

Now comes the sports fanatics/athletics. These people love sports and just being active in general. Buying presents for a friend who is a sports fanatic can be pretty difficult because lots of sports-related gifts can get expensive. Well have no fear; the Christmas Gift Guide is here. One interesting gift is the Ball-Themed Notepad. This notepad is a regular notepad, but the back of each page is a design of a sports object such as a basketball or soccer ball. So when you crumple the paper up, it looks like the actual ball. Now your friends could play basketball with their failed homework assignments!



The next gift is more for the Penny Boarders. For those of you that don’t know, a Penny Board is a lightweight, yet sturdy plastic skateboard. The company originated in Australia, but has become very common in America. A really helpful and decorative gift for a Penny Boarder is grip tape. Grip tape allows the skater’s shoes to grip onto the actual skateboards so they don’t just slide off. The grip tape for Penny Boards come in different colors and prints, so you can choose one that you think your friend would like. The grip tape is about $9, so it’s a great gift that isn’t too expensive.

Another gift is the marshmallow mug at $24. The marshmallow mug has a little basketball hoop attached to it that is slightly larger than the size of a marshmallow. You can test your friend’s basketball skills by throwing marshmallows into your hot chocolate.

Last but not least, come the nerds and geeks. Every single student at BSGE is a nerd, but there are some who are even nerdier and geekier than the rest. One really adorable gift for a nerdy or geeky friend is Canned Unicorn Meat. It comes in a can, but don’t worry, you’re not going to open it and find some mysterious soggy-looking flesh. But rather, you’ll find an adorable stuffed toy unicorn that is dismembered. Sounds odd, but the Canned Unicorn Meat is a gift for any kooky friend. Another geeky gift is the 8-bit sunglasses/glasses. 8-bit glasses allow you to show off your love for pixels without being too blatant. They are super cute and can add a bit of neediness to your friend’s everyday life.


So whether your friend is a hipster or a photo geek, the gifts you should get your friends should have meaning. These gifts are just some examples of cute, unique gifts to get for your friends if you’re stuck and unsure of how to deal with Christmas presents this year. Hopefully, this gift guide helps you and that you can get your friends wonderful gifts that they’ll love and enjoy.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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