by Hana M '18

Fact or Fiction: No Parties At BSGE?

By now we’ve pretty much all heard the rumor that there aren’t going to be any dances OR parties this year at BSGE. Everyone’s reaction is pretty much the same, “that’s terrible.” Everyone also has the same question… “why?”  Well the answer is that it’s a collective administrative decision.



Ms. Johnson says, “The Department of Education requires that adult supervisors be present at all student events and activities.  For activities and events that occur during the school day, like trips, teachers are available to supervise because it occurs during their work day.  But activities and events like parties that occur after the school day require the school to pay teachers for the hours they supervise the event because the event takes place after the school day.”

She continued, “In addition to teachers being needed whenever students are in the school building, the Principal or Assistant Principal must also be in the building. Since we do not have an Assistant Principal, that means I must always be present or hire a teacher who has supervisory experience.”

To have a single party, it costs about $1,200. According to Virge Ramos, there is just not enough money to fund these parties because there is not enough money raised for this particular aspect of the school. Additionally, there are 25 less students in BSGE than the Department of Education wants us to have, which cuts down our budget this year more than ever.

Tatiana Economopoulos ‘18 says that without dances at BSGE, it “takes away from the social aspect of school. It limits people from being able to interact with each other in a different way than they do in school.”

Another BSGE student, Ramisa Bashar ‘18 adds that since our school is not very strong in the variety of extracurricular activities offered, students are discouraged to join which limits everyone in the school from coming together and spending time with one another.

Just because it has been said that it is not likely for us to have parties and dances this year, it doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t have them at all. Since there must be a teacher as a supervisor and three additional teachers in the school from 2:10 until the last person leaves the building after the party, this creates about a 15 hour day work day for these teacher supervisors. Ms.Johnson recommends that we combine parties to make it easier and more efficient for teachers to stay after school.

She said “I’ve given Margaret, our Parent Coordinator, the go ahead to help students plan three parties this year. Clubs will have to work together on the parties and share the proceeds. The PTA said they should be able to help the school pay the teachers that supervise.”

So, it turns out a few parties might actually be possible… LET’S STAY POSITIVE!