by Faiza T '19

Technology in Public Schools vs. BSGE

The New York City Board of Education holds the largest school system in the country with over 1.1 million students and 1,700 schools. Because of this, we have the largest budget than any other school district in the nation.



Although this may seem like we have enough money to buy iPads, new laptops, Smart Boards and other advanced forms of technology, this is not always the case. In BSGE, we hold a limited amount of devices for teachers and students to use.

BSGE has a limited amount of laptops that can signed out for a couple of hours in which students are restricted to. There are approximately 100 laptops and 35 desktops. Unlike most other public schools who have upgraded to Smart  Boards and iPads in the past decade, BSGE still holds its record for using whiteboards.

Not that the marker and eraser tactic isn’t effective, it just isn’t very efficient. By typing and letting students use technology in class, we would result to a lot more notes taken in class. Hand writing also makes students tired and distracted. Typing is legible and consistent for each student. It’s not realistic to expect a laptop per student but iPads are a cheaper alternative that can be used by multiple students at different times. It is a better way to organize notes and make learning a little bit easier.

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