by Simran V '11

Throw BACC Thursdays: Lounge Night: BSGE’s Most Successful Event Yet

The BACC Rag will repost an old article or interview (from our archive of almost a thousand stories!) each Thursday to help share great stories from the past that would still resound today. 

As the lights went down and the spotlight hit the ‘stage,’ the crowd screamed in anticipation for the different performers to come out. People pushed each other to get to the front  to see Lenny Herrera, who hosted the event. After Lenny did a comedy skit mocking a few lucky (or unlucky) BSGE students, Oliver Ponce and Jimmy Turturo came out and got the crowd riled up by playing ‘Dialogue with the Star’ by In Flames. They played the metal song flawlessly on the guitars and dedicated the song to all the girls in the crowd with braces.
Next came Dominique Coticchio and Tiffany Callegari who sang covers of two songs by Alanis Morissette. Their amazing vocals along with the acoustic guitar got the crowd really pumped. After an introduction by Lenny, Sammy Levine’s band, Heroes came out and did a great cover of ‘Buddy Holly’ by Weezer. Then was Rajiv Mahajan, BSGE’s French teacher who played his acoustic guitar while he sang two original and extremely soulful pieces—the latter of which was aptly dedicated to the people of Haiti.
The night got more and more exciting as other performers performed different genres of music, which definitely reached out toeveryone in the audience. There was Cashtro and Bradley who got the crowd energized with a rap. Then, One Step Closer added some Latino flavor to the night, playing a mix of English and Spanish songs. Their music was really upbeat and got the crowd to get up off of their feet and ready to totally enjoy the night.
We Live Alone was the next band that played; it consisted of Mark Bosz, Shaquille Khan, Adrien Carrere, and Patrick Lazar. They performed two covers—‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana, and ‘American Idiot’ by Green Day—and one of their original songs, which was written about the death of their favorite musician (the drummer of Avenged Sevenfold) and titled ‘The Reverend.’ They were followed by, the Variety Pack, which consists of Jonathan Ibojie, Matthew Gray, Erica Llanera, Vidya Deonarain, Thomas Romero-North, Jordan Cepin, Wasim Salim, and Mitchell Springer. They danced to mash-up of extremely vivacious songs and in the middle of the well-choreographed dance, seventh grader, Sheik Kahn surprised the audience by jumping in and dancing with them.
After the Variety Pack there was a short intermission in which DJ Ouss played some tunes and then Dominique came out again. She performed ‘Collide’ by Howie Day and also played one of her own songs. Then, Heajin Kim sang “Another Sunny Day” by Belle and Sebastian. Next was senior Phillip Ortiz’s band, Tastes Like Bacon. They played three songs, including an remarkable cover of the song ‘Something’ by the Beatles.
Pamela Reyes later got the crowd to sing along with her as she beautifully sang ‘Anyone Else But You’ by the Moldy Peaches. She followed it up with one of her own songs, titled ‘With You.’ Andy Catucci played the electric guitar while she played the acoustic and sang. The last of the performers that rocked that night was the band that everyone was waiting for: Panama Red (formerly The Midnight Cult). Panama Red (Kris Kesoglides, Richie Pineda, Justin Hughes, Andy Catucci, and Darwin Javier) enthusiastically played some of their original songs, including “Nine” and “Man on the Moon.”
The night ended with the scream competition, which made it really hard to determine who got the loudest cheers. But in the end, as expected, Panama Red won the Battle of the Bands and performed an encore with We Live Alone. People left with slightly impaired hearing from the loud music, sore throats from screaming their hearts out and a huge adrenaline rush from a night of intense energy.
BSGE’s Second Annual Lounge Night with its many technical difficulties, and crowded venue still turned out to be not only the most exciting BSGE event, but also the most successful. Over 200 people attended and the Junior Council raised around $1,800 from this one event in order to support the current Junior class. Lounge Night ’10 will definitely be remembered as the most exhilarating BSGE event thus far.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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