by Allen W '20

Fewer Students in BSGE: What Does That Mean?

Two years ago, there were 109 students in the BSGE seventh grade. Now there are 85. Does that mean that BSGE’s graduating class sizes are getting smaller each year? Is our reputation suffering? This is what some people think when they hear these numbers. It seems like it, but the truth is much more straightforward.

In the 2011-2012, and 2012-2013 school years, there were four streams of 7th graders which allowed for a much bigger overall number: 99 and 109 respectively. For the last two years there have only been three streams which accounts for the smaller number. During those years with four 7th grade streams, there were only 2 streams of 11th and then 12th grade to ensure that there were enough rooms for all the classes.

One student, Katia B. ‘20 said, “the amount of students admitted each year should not affect how we think about the school’s performance. The number of students that are admitted each year doesn’t mean that the school is good or bad.”

She then added that “the school community is very organized here. The teachers and other students are so friendly and supportive for the most part. The teachers are willing to provide extra help, and my friends are all very amiable. You get to learn a lot here, and I really like that.”

Another seventh grader who wished to be kept anonymous said, “the students of BSGE are very nice and supportive,” and that his opinion of BSGE positively changed after just a few days in BSGE. However, he can see “why people would rather choose other schools compared to BSGE, resulting in a smaller amount of students.”

Before coming to the school, the student admitted that if he got accepted into Hunter, he “would have went there instead because of the better opportunities there,” but he soon realized that “BSGE is just as good, if not better, than Hunter. It is good in another aspect, and I’m glad I came.”

Rashmika B ‘20, who also thinks that the number of students in BSGE does not affect its performance, added that “the extracurricular activities at BSGE are marvelous, as they are run by the students, and are the support of teacher. Because the students are in charge, I feel as if there is more freedom for the students, and that is very pleasant.”

She later said that she wants to “stay at Baccalaureate because although it may not have all the funding in the world, it has a unique learning experience, different from any other school in New York City.”

Furthermore, our guidance counselor Mr. David-Lang also agreed that “the number of students we let in has to do with the overall population of the school, and how many kids the principal decides to have in the building. The number of applications have not changed very much.” This can go to show that BSGE is actually very challenging and academically advanced, as it is becoming more selective towards its admission process, and how many kids are admitted each year.

So, next time you hear that BSGE has a smaller number of students in each grade, don’t worry about it too much, because it doesn’t affect the school’s performance, nor does it affect how the school is run.


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