by Maria R '18

Students’ Opinions: What to Change About BSGE

It’s no secret that BSGE has its flaws, like all good schools do. Many BSGE students wished that we had a gym, auditorium and generally more space, feeling that our school now is too cramped and lacks many fundamental resources. They wished BSGE had more funding so students could host more events such as parties or field trips.

“More money towards the school would be really great, for it would not only allow us to pay for necessities, but would also give BSGE the chance to give back to its student body,” said Max-Musashi Fischman ’15. He continued,  “Softball could get better equipment, seniors could receive help in paying for prom, and students could have more field trips to create a stronger tie to what they’re learning.”

Source: Maya Juman '16
Source: Maya Juman ’16

Another student, Samuel Brown ’18 explained, “I feel like even though trips are not a priority being that this is a high school, it would still be a good idea to get the students to have a learning experience outside of the classroom once in a while, like with the trip to the Met the ninth grade took with Ms Schwarz on January 20th.” He added, “There, we observed galleries to do with art concepts and methods we experimented with in class earlier in the year. Teachers should look for different learning experiences, taking into account and advantage of all the museums in New York.”

Many students also want BSGE to reconsider the amount of homework assigned each night as they found it to be too much, and very unpredictable. They complained that teachers were disorganized when assigning big tests and projects because they would have tons of tests and major projects within the span of one or two (very stressful) weeks. They also thought that day-to-day homework was very time consuming and believed that if it was less, they could have more time to sleep, relax, and study. According to their logic, with more sleep these students could have better focus and a more overall calmer and happier life.

Although many BSGE students did say that most of the teachers were very kind and helpful, they also said that certain teachers and staff members could be more considerate and understanding. But all in all, the response to BSGE’s teachers performance was very positive. Students also wished that there would be more freedom in selection of their classes, such as being able to choose whether or not they take yoga or gym. They also said this because some grades could not choose their elective, whereas many other high schools have more options and a greater ability to choose for their school schedule.

On the bright side, there was an outstanding response when involving the students base. Students raved about how warm and welcoming the students were across the board, saying that that everyone was friendly and helpful.  Sean 18′ stated, “I think the people who go here are definitely our best feature.”

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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