BSGE’s New Semester Resolutions

For many of us, we really aim to improve our entire school experience. Here are some things fellow BSGE’ers aim to accomplish in the next semester:

“I’d like to procrastinate less!” – Katie D. 15’

“A 7 in French would be nice!” – Sasha S. 19’

“I want to raise my grades, especially in advisory.” – Portia V. 18’

“My goal is to do my homework before watching TV shows when I home.” – Sarah M. 18’

“I think my new semester resolution is to not stress as much over school.” – Daniel S. 20′

“I’d like to finish my novel by the end of the school year.” -Loli A. 17’

“Getting exercise more often would be nice.” – Mr.Laskowski

No matter if you did poorly or well in the Fall-Winter semester, there is hope to do amazingly in the coming semester! Best of luck to everyone.