Emma K' 18

BSGE’s New Semester Resolutions

For many of us, we really aim to improve our entire school experience. Here are some things fellow BSGE’ers aim to accomplish in the next semester:

“I’d like to procrastinate less!” – Katie D. 15’

“A 7 in French would be nice!” – Sasha S. 19’

“I want to raise my grades, especially in advisory.” – Portia V. 18’

“My goal is to do my homework before watching TV shows when I home.” – Sarah M. 18’

“I think my new semester resolution is to not stress as much over school.” – Daniel S. 20′

“I’d like to finish my novel by the end of the school year.” -Loli A. 17’

“Getting exercise more often would be nice.” – Mr.Laskowski

No matter if you did poorly or well in the Fall-Winter semester, there is hope to do amazingly in the coming semester! Best of luck to everyone.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher