by Maya J '16

Lady Sting Hosts Second Annual Flapjack Fundraiser

Photo Credits: Beatriz Benares '16
Photo Credits: Beatriz Benares ’16

On Saturday, February 28th, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., BSGE’s varsity softball team hosted their second “Flapjack Fundraiser” breakfast at the nearby Applebee’s on 35th Avenue. Members of Lady Sting sold $10 tickets for the event throughout February, and many students, faculty, alumni and parents attended the breakfast to show their support for the team. The players, who wore their jerseys for the morning, took orders, served pancakes, bacon, sausages, and beverages, bussed tables, greeted people at the door, and sold raffle tickets at each table. Many of the girls felt that the fundraiser was an improvement compared to last year’s.

“It was a lot more organized than our first one was,” said Nina Don ‘16. “Especially in the kitchen.” Lady Sting was happy to welcome back BSGE alumni who returned for the occasion, including former captain Lauren Katzenstein ‘14. Several teachers also attended, including Mr. Lakhaney, who will be joining the team this year as a coach. “It was fun being in an environment with students, teachers, parents and alumni all just having a good time and eating pancakes.” Mr. Wolov said. “It should happen more often.”


The team raised a total of over $1700 from ticket sales and raffles, money that will go toward covering various expenses for the upcoming season, which starts on March 19th. According to coach Virge Ramos, the money will be used to purchase new gear for the team, pay for umpires for scrimmages, subsidize batting cage costs, and more. The team is especially excited for the season after the fundraiser, as attendance was proof of how much support Lady Sting has. “The flapjack fundraiser helped us raise funds for future endeavors, such as purchasing personalized windbreakers,” Angelica Benares ‘16 explained. “I am so excited and can’t wait for this upcoming season and our new windbreakers.” Another successful flapjack fundraiser was the perfect way to kick off the 2015 season.


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