by Justin H '17

Personal Projects: Fundraising Edition

Two personal projects this year were more visible to the school than most. These are the fundraising projects, one by Isabelle Mah ’17 and the other by Najwa Jamal ’17. You might have seen ads for different kinds of sales around the school, such as a burrito sale or a Christmas-themed bake sale.

Photo Credit: Isabelle Mah
Photo Credit: Isabelle Mah

Isabelle raised money for the Wild Bird Fund, the only wildlife rehabilitation center in New York City, with a goal of $500. She did three different fundraisers in school for it, one joint sale with Najwa and two burrito sales. Though a burrito sale is an odd choice, Isabelle explained that “it was a fun and creative way to raise awareness about my project and fundraiser without following the usual norm.” This certainly worked, as the three fundraisers made $276 for Isabelle total, more than half of the way to her goal. The rest and more was made up by an online campaign, which, although the project itself has ended, remains open until the end of March for people to donate to, and can be found here:

Photo Credit: Isabelle Mah
Photo Credit: Isabelle Mah

Najwa’s personal project is for Services for the Underserved, an organization that helps mentally challenged homeless people in NYC. She chose this organization because she sees many homeless people, and those who are mentally challenged “have it much harder than a normal person would. Some of them can’t talk or express their emotions.” Her goal was to raise $375 for them. Her main event was a nail-polishing event, which unfortunately was delayed because of difficulties finding a good location. Even so, her bake sales, both with Isabelle and alone, raised a significant amount of money. The one with Isabelle made the most money total, but after splitting the profits, ended up actually being less profitable than the sales she did on her own. There are many good causes to donate money to, and Isabelle and Najwa both came up with creative ways to raise that money. In a school filled with monotonous bake sale after bake sale, both of them were able to come with an innovative idea for a way to get their fundraisers noticed.


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