by Luke M '18

Knicks: Setting Records

The Knicks? Setting records? Most basketball fans are well aware of the Knicks’ inability to win games and rise through NBA standings. So how are they setting records? The Knicks have set a team record for most consecutive losses. Outdoing their previous 12 loss streak in 1984-85, the Knicks suffered their 13th loss recently to the Wizards. Although this was just a small part of the NBA season, it is still quite clear that the Knicks are unable to secure any significant amount of wins. Many Knicks fans wonder how this could possibly be happening with their current roster. But analysis from different experts as well as stats, attribute the Knicks’ lack of success to major flaws in their defense.

Another one of the Knicks most damaging attributes include their abysmal free throw stats. Their current 18.8 and previously 15.4 free throw attempts (FTA) average per game nears some of the worst averages in NBA history. Coach Derek Fisher comments on his teams’ lackluster FTA average by saying, “If we can do a better job of defending without fouling, which would put us into the open floor more, into more transition situations, now we can get some guys that are really good for us in those moments to the front of the basket. And also just as they get more comfortable understanding within the offense where the opportunities are to attack and get downhill and be aggressive as opposed to thinking, ‘OK, let’s just stay in the offense.’” He is clearly singling out the Knicks defense as their main setback, linking it to fatal offensive problems as well.

The problems that plague the Knicks not only stop at the free throws, but the Knicks are frequently losing because they are simply giving up too many points. The average points scored against the Knicks from point guards, to shooting guards, are too high to be matched by the Knicks offense. When it comes down to it, the Knicks are usually offering the other team easy points with their lack of defense in situations that could have been easily covered with a more organized and capable defense. This then generates losses that the Knicks are now accustomed to accumulating.

The reasons for the Knicks’ pathetic performances can definitely and easily be debated. But even the most dedicated fans can agree that they simply have a lot of problems, from defense to offense, to management, and strategy, and it just keeps going. But the most unanimous opinion amongst all Knick fans is that the Knicks’ frightening showings, which are forcing their beloved community to literally wear bags over their heads in shame during their games is simply unacceptable, and that a change is in great demand.

However, in spite of these awful stats and averages, there seems to be a thin silver lining. This season, the mistakes and dramatic shifts made within the team, mainly done for experimental purposes would ultimately strengthen the team as a whole. Another up-side to the Knicks’ horrible season is their first round draft picks for the upcoming NBA season. So although the Knicks succeeded in letting themselves, and their fans down, there still seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.


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