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Bathroom Door Mystery


Most BSGE girls of all grades have probably noticed that the bathroom door on the third floor was replaced with a wooden door last month. Many thought such a sudden replacement was strange and didn’t know the reason, but have assumed that the old door wasn’t stable enough.

“It’s strange, but I have no idea why,” one senior said with a shrug of her shoulders. “I guess it was the janitors. Maybe the old door was falling off its hinges and they thought it was a safety hazard. I don’t know, but I don’t think Ms. Johnson does either.”

The students interviewed all agreed that they don’t know why the door was replaced with a wooden one, but it is definitely strange. “I actually haven’t noticed it, no.” states one anonymous girl. “I’ve been in too much of a rush. That sounds kind of weird, though, and I don’t know why they did it.” When asked, another student, Rachel Z ’20, said “Nope. I don’t know why. Does anyone?”

The questions were brought to the school’s custodian, who did happen to have the answer. “The bathroom door was replaced because the hinges were broken,” Darnell said, gesturing towards the older door leaning against the wall of his office. “We thought it was better to replace it.”
It’s not unusual that construction needs to be done in a school building, especially one with as many students as BSGE. It’s reasonable to assume that with all of the students going in and out every day, the door’s hinges became unsafe for the students to keep using. Since BSGE houses many grades and many students for such a small school, the door eventually coming undone is not completely unexpected. Many schools in New York City undergo construction every year, and BSGE is no exception. Fortunately, not only is the new door stable enough, but now students know why it was replaced.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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