by Samantha V '18

Successful Turnout for BSGE’s Mardi Gras

On Friday, March 20th from 6:30 to 10 p.m., the French Club and Senior Council hosted BSGE’s first party of the 2014-15 school year: Mardi Gras. The themed party is a tradition in BSGE, and brought a variety of students from 7th to 12th grade from both BSGE and other middle and high schools throughout New York City.


The two school clubs had been preparing for the party for weeks in advance, dealing with the pressure of selling tickets, making posters, marketing and organizing while counting down the days to the party. Because there was very short notice of when the actual event was approved by BSGE administration, it was stressful for the party hosts.


However despite this time limit, the students within the club performed well in selling their tickets, completely selling out 150 tickets by noon of Friday, March 20th. But this pressure once again surfaced with the unfortunate weather conditions of that Friday night, with an onslaught of snow and wind spreading through New York City. This made many students and parents skeptical of whether the party was still going on, causing a little less of a turnout than the clubs expected, however still bringing 130 people which is a small success within itself.

Being one of the few dances to be approved this year, the French Club wanted to make the most out of it by spending money on more decorations, food and other items. However, these interests conflicted with those of the Senior Council who although wanted the dance to be fun and exciting for students, also wanted to make profit. They needed to raise money for prom and graduation, but trying to get another dance to be approved would be difficult.


Prior to the party, Rajiv Mahajan, the French teacher and supervisor of French Club explained, “This dance is going to be sort of different because since there haven’t been any dances that have been approved yet, the seniors felt that they were left out because they wanted to have their own dance. And since Ms. Johnson only approved one thus far, the Senior Council asked if it was possible if we could collaborate.” The French Club voted and decided that it would be a great idea to have both clubs split the profits so that both clubs could benefit from it.


Mardi Gras was chosen to be the theme of the party because the French Club wanted not only to expose themselves, but others, to French culture. Mardi Gras has some deep roots in French culture and history, so allowing BSGE to also experience this holiday was the goal for the club and a treat for the students.

**Photo Credits: Lydia Stetson ’15 & Beverlee Chin ’15


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