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The Running Club: The Journey to 5k

Running is a common form of exercise that many people around the world take part in either to lose weight or for personal enjoyment. The latter is seen in the case of Kohen Rahman 18’, who said: “BSGE really needed a running club. I decided to ask Tim about it because running is something I love to do. It’s a great way to let go with all the schoolwork we get in BSGE. I think BSGE’s Running Club is a great escape for all students, to just come and run.” After much persistence, Kohen had finally found a teacher that was interested in supervising the club. Timothy David-Lang, BSGE’s guidance counselor, enjoys running and has participated in several marathons in recent years. Mr. David-Lang realized that participating in the club would be a fun opportunity to help students learn how to run and also to help prepare for a race in May. Mr. David-Lang’s goal for the club is for them to be able to run a 5k, which is approximately 3.1 miles. In order for the members to accomplish this goal, Mr. David-Lang formulated a plan that would gradually increase the amount of activity over a 10 week period. The Running Club meets twice a week, stretching in the cafeteria before taking a jog through the streets of Astoria. Students as well as faculty members are still able to join the club at any time and can also follow the scheduled program advised by Mr. David-Lang if they don’t have the time to participate with the club.



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