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BSGE Computer Cart Olympics! After school today!

The school purchased new computer carts for the competition to ensure the competitors had only the finest equipment.

BSGE will hold its first annual Computer Cart Olympics on Wednesday, April 1st, after school at 3pm. Teams will compete in various events to evaluate their skills in pushing computer carts around the building. There are three different events and winners will be crowned for each individual event and best overall team performance.

photo 1
7th graders practicing after school with their coach.

Speed: The first event will be a race that requires students to take a computer cart from room 416 to the conference room in the fastest time. There will be randomly placed obstacles of 50lb 7th grade backpacks that students must avoid. Teams that bump into the obstacles or the walls will be disqualified.

Grace: The second event will be a synchronized computer cart dance event in which two teams of two students have to perform a synchronized routine to ballet music in the cafeteria.

Strength: The final event will be a computer cart dead lift in which teams have to lift increasingly heavy computer carts weighed down by science textbooks.

photo 2
The look of intensity.

The competition is open to students in all grades though they have to get their parents to sign a waiver stating the school is not responsible for any computer cart injuries.

Sign up forms will be posted outside of room 316 on April 1st before the competition.

(This article is a joke. If you didn’t know that by now, please see us during one of our meetings about a bridge we have for sale. We are required to state that this is a joke because of the April Fools’ fiasco of 2011).

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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