by Elio Z '20

Gym vs. Yoga: Which is better?

It’s been the longest debate in BSGE history, perhaps right after whether there’s a pool on the roof of the school. Which is better, gym or yoga? Gym and Yoga teachers Ms. Jackson and Mr. Powell gave their commentary on the benefits of each class.


Ms. Jackson listed on how yoga helps students with “stress relief, range of motion in the joints, flexibility, strength, and overall strength.” When asked why she would rather have yoga over gym class, she answered: “My personal experience with Yoga is just an overall calm feeling, a kind of ease in my day and regular activities. It helps me to stay more balanced in terms of my temperament and energy level. It also helps your lifestyle, so it transfers to your eating habits and how you engage with other people and your extracurricular activities. Some people tend to drink more water and less soda after consistently practicing Yoga, so it changes your eating habits as well.”

Gym’s goals are to build physical fitness, have stamina, endurance and strength. Similar to yoga, gym helps people become stronger. Mr. Powell stated, “When you take an P.E class here, by the time you graduate you have all the skills necessary to play various sports. You wanna be a better football player, come here. When you wanna be a better basketball player, this is the spot. You want to do badminton, ultimate frisbee, European/team handball, right here. This is your training, your foundation to play in college, to play in big leagues, to get the big money.”

It seems that when you take a PE class you have all the skills necessary to play various sports. However, when you take a Yoga class, you know yourself more. You are calmer and can control yourself.

In the end, its your own personal preference on which class is better for you, and depends on what fits your goals.


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