by Maya J '16

Junior Council Hosts Spring Fling

Photo Credits: Beatriz Benares '16
Photo Credits: Beatriz Benares ’16

On Friday, April 24th, Junior Council hosted a successful Spring Fling dance in the cafegymatorium from 6-10 pm. The dance, which juniors had been planning, selling tickets for, and organizing for weeks, helped raise a lot of money for the committee, which works toward ultimately reducing the cost for prom and other senior expenses. Tickets were sold at $8 ahead of time and $10 at the door, and between ticket sales, donations, and snack/drink sales, Junior Council raised a total of $1071, making the party a fundraising success.11152709_10202780502552728_6023600467468542303_n

This was BSGE’s second and final dance of the school year, after Mardi Gras, which was hosted by French Club and Senior Council. Spring Fling was attended by BSGE students from all grades, as well as students from other NYC schools and BSGE alumni. DJ Sanity, who has worked with BSGE for many dances in the past, handled the music for Spring Fling.

Spring Fling marks the latest in a series of fundraisers that Junior Council has organized this school year, including multiple bake sales and raffles. With the addition of another thousand dollars, Junior Council has raised approximately $3000 in less than a school year, and members are optimistic about raising more during senior year to further subsidize prom tickets for the Class of 2016.



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