by Annie C '18 by Samantha V '18

Hair Dye Obsessions in BSGE

Brightly colored hair has been a trending look amongst BSGE students. Luckily in our school, hair dye is greatly accepted both by our peers and the staff. In many other schools, “unnatural hair colors” is considered to be distracting and inappropriate. In schools such as ours, dyeing one’s hair is considered to just be another way of expressing yourself. Gabi Prostko ’18 finds it “unfair” that some schools band dyeing hair because “its a form of self-expression and its not fair to stop kids from expressing themselves.”

As fun as dyeing hair may be, it takes a good amount of thinking about whether or not you should do it and if you will, what would be the best way to go about doing it. Some people dye their hair to express their uniqueness and individuality while others do it purely for fun. There are definitely many pros and cons to dyeing your hair, but it really depends on the specific head of hair. For example, some may be afraid to dye their hair because of the damage it could do their natural locks. Others may not care as much because their hair will continually grow, so it is not a big deal to cut off the damaged parts. It is recommended that you weigh your pros and cons and figure out if dyeing is really for you.

If you are definitely sure that you want to dye your hair, you must discover the most efficient and least damaging way of doing so. It is known that bleach can be harmful to your hair, but if it is done right, the effects can be limited. “As someone who has bleached there hair, I really don’t see it as damaging. As long as you take care of your hair, you can keep it just as healthy as the rest of you hair,” says Portia V. 18’.
When dyeing your hair, it’s best to get tips from people who have actually dyed their hair before. Here are some of the tips compiled from students at BSGE who have dyed their hair before:

1. Dyeing your hair can be VERY MESSY. It will get everywhere, so try to keep everything organized. Know that it can also stain cloth easily, so wear clothes and use towels you don’t mind getting possibly stained. When rinsing hair in the shower, try to do it close to the drain, because the washout of the dye can stain the bathtub as well.
2. Do your research. There are so many different types of hair dyes and they do not have the exact same results for all individuals. Figure out which brand of hair dye works best for you and stick to using that one. Also keep in mind that some hair dyes are permanent, while others will fade after a certain amount of washes.
3. Think about your hair color now, and determine whether you need to bleach it lighter for the color to stay, or whether you can just dye over your natural hair color.
4. When you are dyeing for the first time, try the colors you want on just a small part of your hair first to make sure you like it, and to make sure you aren’t allergic to the dye.
5. Decide on the style that you want. Hair can be dyed as a whole, just highlights, one strand, or layered.
6. Prepare for a complete change of how you look. Even though you might want to change your hair color, looking in the mirror and seeing it can be shocking at first.
7. Get help. Although you can do the whole thing yourself, it’s always nice to have someone to tell you if you missed a spot, and help you apply dye in places you can’t reach.

Worse comes to worst, and you don’t like your new look, you can always resort to dye removers, or just getting a haircut. In order to avoid this, you have to do your research, and followed the suggested tips in this article. Besides that, have fun, and enjoy your freedom to express yourself through your hair color!


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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