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BSGE Night Out at Citi Field

A Mets Fundraiser will be taking place on May 15, at 7 P.M. Each ticket will be $20, and $10 from each ticket will be donated to the school. This money will go to after school activities and clubs. Mr. Lakhaney was one of the staff members who helped plan the event. Below is an interview with him about the event.

Are you a Mets fan and who is your favorite baseball player?

“Yes I am a Mets fan and I don’t have a favorite player, but my favorite players from past Mets teams were Dwight Gooden and Edgardo Alfonzo.”

What is the Mets Fundraiser? What does it raise money for? How would a student be able to buy these tickets?

“We are going to sell tickets to people who want them. For each ticket we sell, the school will get $10. We already received a block of tickets and the money received will go to school clubs. You will be able to order tickets from Ms. Margaret and you must buy the tickets before April 27.”

When and where will the fundraiser be?

“The Mets Fundraiser will be on May 15, 7 P.M.”

Why do you think that this fundraiser is a good idea? Who made the idea of the fundraiser?

“Its nice to have school events outside the building and bring people together from different parts of the community. We took 7th graders to a baseball game a few years ago for a field trip and it was a lot of fun, but it is difficult to do as a field trip. I wanted to find a way to do it after school hours. Then later this year, Mr. Ramos and I came up with this idea.”

How did you set up this fundraiser to take shape?

“It was very simple actually, I just had to call the Mets stadium and order a block of tickets.”

There are still tickets available for the event. See Margaret, the parent coordinator, for more information.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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