by Raunak A '20 by Winston P '20

Career Day at BSGE

IMG_4417On February 25th, 2015, BSGE had its first career day for ninth grade students. The event was planned and organized by Tim David-Lang, our guidance counselor. Two separate panels were composed of parents of current BSGE students. In each panel, parents talked about what their jobs were, what they did at their jobs at the classrooms that they went to, along with how they got their jobs. However, the process was not just centered around their current job. They also told about what happened after college, and how many other jobs they had tried before they got their current job.

The purpose of career day was to answer the questions about jobs asked by the ninth graders. Noah Bumas ‘18 said “I think career day gave me a better insight on what finding a career actually is.” However, as it turns out, for some of the ninth graders, they found that it served a different purpose besides answering their questions such as Tatiana Economopoulos who said “I think it is a way to inspire kids to follow their hearts and do what they want to do.” Even though it’s the first ever Career Day in this school, it seems as though something like this should’ve happened before, since as our guidance counselor Tim David-Lang puts it “I think it’s [jobs are] the reason why kids go to school.” The only complaint so far is that the students didn’t get to see all the parents that came to school. However, this may seem more like positive feedback, and it’s something that can be worked on for next year.

This is definitely an event that seventh and eighth graders have to look forward to if they are interested about jobs or what they should do when growing up.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher