by Faiza T '19

The Job Market Within Social Media

As time progresses, people have found more new and creative ways to make a living. Over the past couple of decades, the internet has become one of the most essential parts of our society. Social media in turn has become one of the fastest and most popular ways to communicate with those not only who are near us, but people who are on the opposite side of the world. One of the most creative “internet jobs” are making videos and uploading them to social media.

Source: SocialTimes
Source: SocialTimes

One person with a great following, Nash Grier, who is the most followed on Vine with an overwhelming number of 13.7 million fans on his combined accounts, posts 6 second videos which receives on average 9 million loops (or views) each and gets payed about $10,000 for every video he makes. Another popular video playing site in which the creators get paid for is YouTube. Pewdiepie, the most subscribed YouTuber with over 36 million subscribers, uploads videos almost everyday, making over $4 million only on ad sales. Other sites that include making money off of video uploads are Snapchat and the live streaming platform, YouNow. Advertising on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter also leads to what is called “internet famous people” who have a vast number of followers and gets paid if they advertise products and companies on their accounts. Social media doesn’t only allow people to make money off of videos or posts, it also inspired many people, such as YouTubers including but not limited to Connor Franta, Shane Dawson, Tanya Burr, Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Joe Sugg, and Joey Graceffa to write books about their lives and experiences. Social media creates an amazing platform in which people can express themselves, share it with others and create an actual profession out of.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher