by Mr. Lakhaney

BSGE Hosts Fourth Annual Team Geography Bee

photo 5Ms. Dikes and Mr. Lakhaney hosted BSGE’s fourth annual Team Geography Bee on Thursday, May 28th. Students from grades 7-12 participated with 27 teams and almost 100 students in attendance. “The Betty White Power Rangers,” a team composed of 10th grade students, Malcolm Sherman-Godfrey, Adrian Kulesza, and John Bost, finished in first and each took home $20 gift amazon gift certificates along with copies of Chimera by David Wellington. “The Bomb.Com,” composed of 7th graders Owen Smith, Rashmika Batra, and Shaima Mannan finished in second and “Masculin” composed of 8th graders Peter Alegre, Muhib Khan, and Rafailo Dokic finished in third. Congratulations to all those who participated.

photo 4
First Place: “The Betty White Power Rangers” Adrian Kulesza, John Bost, and Malcolm Sherman-Godgrey (Left to right)
photo 3
Second Place: “The” Rashmika Batra, Owen Smith, and Shaima Mannan (Left to right)
photo 2
Third Place: “Masculin” Peter Alegre, Muhib Khan, Rafailo Dokic.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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