by Lydia S '15

BSGE Spirit Week 2014-15


The last Spirit Week of BSGE’s 2014-15 year is coming near! It will start on Monday, June 8th and end on Friday, June 12th. Monday’s theme is “Multicultural Monday” in which students and staff are welcome to represent a country, preferably their own. This can range from painting the colors of a country’s flag on student’s bodies and faces, wearing the traditional garb of that culture or simply wearing the colors of a country’s flag.

The following day is “Sting Tuesday,” which has never been done before in the history of BSGE’s chosen Spirit Week days. On this day, students and staff should wear gear that shows their BSGE spirit. They can wear the popular “Eat Sleep Sting Repeat” shirts, or the BSGE sweatpants/hoodies, BSGE’s athletic team jerseys and uniforms, BSGE senior sweaters, and if you don’t have any school clothes, simply come in with the school colors: blue and white!

Hump Day will be “Sportswear Wednesday,” which some complain is too similar to Sting Tuesday. However on Sportswear Wednesday, students and staff are invited to come into school with workout clothes. Sport team jerseys, running clothes, soccer cleats, tennis skirts… Anything you would wear to the gym or to a sports game, wear to school! Ms. Johnson does remind students to follow the dress code.

Thursday will be the popular “Throwback Thursday” that is celebrated almost every year. On this day, BSGE will be transformed into a time machine, in which students and staff will dress up in clothes trendy from past decades. Converse, leggings and bubble pants for the 1980s, bellbottoms and loud printed shirts for the 1970s, Mad Men-esque clothes for the 1960s and anything else you can think of! Feel free to dress like the 1800s, but that’s on you.

The end the week (TGIF!!) will be “Fancy Friday.” Students are encouraged to ditch the sweatpants and baggy hoodies that we wear post-final exams, and trade in for pretty dresses, suits, button down shirts, high heels, skirts, slacks and dress shoes. Add some make-up, and pretend a normal Friday at BSGE is an awards ceremony!!

Remember, Spirit Week is about making our time at BSGE a little more exciting. Let’s see how much spirit BSGE really has!




By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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