by Jasmine S '20

Ending the School Year

For most students, the end of the school year is an event of celebration and only means that summer vacation is coming closer and closer. The end of school seems so near, only about a month left. After that, it’s freedom for more than two months, without too much stress and worrying about assignments. After the state tests in many schools, students’ learning aren’t as rigorous as in the beginning of the year. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case for many students in BSGE.

Especially for BSGE students, it may seem like the end of the school year brings an overload of tests, assignments, projects, essays, and more. All of these things combined in different subjects can make for a lot of time spent doing schoolwork. Despite it being beneficial for learning, it can be detrimental to students’ anxiety and the amount of energy they have to last them the entire school day.

Despite the fact that stress can actually help motivate a student to do better in school, too much stress can make it harder for concentration skills. People can have their social lives deteriorate with too much going on in their academic lifestyle.

According to the American Psychological Association, forty-five percent of teens were stressed by school pressures. Some teens in BSGE are probably in this percentage of stressed teens from all the work they have been getting, especially in the upper grades, having to fulfill the requirements for achieving an IB diploma. Reading documents, making study guides for tests, and fully understanding the topics taught are probably some of the things students here are familiar with.

Students in BSGE have to deal with many different things that usual students don’t. For example, they have more critical thinking work and have to work on having this sort of mindset to succeed. Also, they have to get community service hours, as well as CAS hours by the upper grades in high school. These are just some of the reasons the BSGE community may have more anxiety as they schedule the upcoming due dates for assignments, or study for the upcoming tests.

BSGE is honestly a great school, when it comes to the desire to learn and be connected with a community of people. For students outside of this school, it may seem intimidating or exaggerated that anxiety would continue increasing as the school year ends. However, this is something that must be accepted in order to become an IB student.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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